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Tangled up in Blue

by Victor R.

Years ago, as I drove home from Manhattan at 2:30 AM, something caught my eye. 
I stopped and got out of the car. I approached a man on the sidewalk and said,

Excuse me sir, but my son will kill me if I don’t bring one of those home.

Without looking at my face, he reached into his truck and handed me a full stack of the now-famous iPod launch posters. Blue ones, pink ones, green ones and yellow ones, all folded in a bundle, ready for Wild Posting on a frigid New York night.

According to my wife, that night was when my fascination with modern posters officially “took a turn for the worse.” Dylan by Milton Glaser, Aristide Bruant by Toulouse-Lautrec, and works by Larry River, Saul Steinberg, Lichtenstein and many others soon followed.

Most are framed, which I argue is simply an act of conservation, but the truth is that I honor their beauty, and I respect the artists who conceived them. As I type this, most of them linger somewhere in the attic, waiting for a wall to become available in our space-challenged home.

But not Blue. Blue earned a wall. Blue reigns supreme in my Apple-loving household. Like most things Apple, it represents a simple idea. It is beautiful, uncluttered and powerful. The way all good communication should be.

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