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The Art of the GIF


by Kim K.

We love GIFS. They make us laugh. They make us cringe. We’ve made some pretty stellar ones after long meetings and late nights — today’s inside joke. But while we like making our own GIFS we really appreciate the art of GIFS from all of the other GIF-makers out there.

So we started to look for these artists. A zillion of tweets ago, we came across GIFRIENDS, a group of talented GIF-makers and friends. I (not-so-secretly) wanted to be friends with them. Their name alone said we were destined to be friends.

As you know, I’m a big fan of Collaborative Art so I thought it would be fun to try a collaborative GIF. The idea: each group would provide images to work with and each group would “GIF-a-fy”, and send them back. 

Here’s where we landed: 

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One Canvas. Many Hands.

by Kim K.

Do we have a theme?

Trust me.

This is collaborative art.

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